Who are NetEnt?

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

NetEnt was established in 1994 and are known for supplying casino games to online casinos operators all over the internet. Their games are licensed in various jurisdictions for use in multiple regulated markets. They have a strong focus on game quality and innovation. For examples of NetEnt's games on display and being used in online casinos, click on this link: https://www.netentcasinos.money .

What is the RTP?

The RTP is Return To Player. This is expressed as a percentage and represents the stakes returned to a player over time when playing a game. If a game has a RTP of 95% then players can expect 95% of the money wagered on that game to come back to them in the form of winnings over a long period of time. See https://www.clubs-dentreprises-petite-synthe-grande-synthe.com for game RTPs.

The displayed RTP is generally the theoretical RTP and not the actual RTP that the player might expect. Even though the theoretical might state 95%, it is important to mention to players that this is not the RTP that you might achieve while playing the game. You might not get 95% back of each 100.00 that you wager on the game.


What if the house edge is good?

Another mistake that players seem to make is that if the house edge is favourable to them, they can then play any game in the casino and expect a favourable RTP. This is not the case. The house edge and the RTP combined make up 100% and the one is merely a flip of the other. So if a game's RTP is 95%, then the house edge is 5%.

Combined, the house edge and the RTP of any game adds up to 100%. There is a saying: 'the house always wins'. The house edge is the advantage that the casino has over you on any game. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Experienced players normally adapt and employ their gaming strategies to suit the relevant game and to tilt the house edge more in their favour.

What is volatility then?

The measure of volatility is also displayed in game information but has no bearing on the game's RTP percentage. Volatility is a measure of risk associated to the casino game. If a game is listed at high volatility, the game will have high value payouts but not very frequently. Conversely a game of low volatility will return lower amounts of money to the player but in higher frequency.

HOw can a utilise my knowledge of these two metrics in my game play strategy? The secret to gaming strategy is to choose a casino game with a high RTP but to choose a volatility rating that suits your particular playing style. You can either go in big and hope for a big payout or you can deposit small and spin all day and actually enjoy the game.

To summarise RTP

The theoretical RTP is a percentage of his wagering that the player can expect returned to hi over his playing time on that game. This percentage will always be displayed prominently near every NetEnt casino game that you might play. Always aim to play the higher RTP rated games and play for a longer time. That way you can tip the house edge closer to your favor.